Holiday Plumbing Tips

Happy Holidays!

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, make sure to enjoy the time with friends and family.
I know that isn’t always easy, but make sure to at least bring a smile to each dinner or party you attend.

If you are hosting the gathering, you have alot of work to do.

Let’s start in the bathroom.
Make sure you have a good toilet plunger.
(It would be better if you had a great flushing toilet)
Remove all potential problems. Take away everything above the toilet. Gravity is a plumbers best friend.
The space saving shelving units above the toilet store wonderful objects that will fall into the toilet.

Stuff over toilet
The same goes for the counter top. Take it all away.
Next, go under the sink and remove all the toxic cleaners and bottles with skull and crossbones (you shouldn’t be
using them anyway).
Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper and soap/hand cleaner.
Do you have provisions for changing diapers?  Put a nice big waste basket in the room.
Using a small plunger, not the same one that is used for your toilet, plunge all the sinks.

Small Plunger for Sinks Only

Check the toilet shut off valve.  If it does get plugged, you want to make sure and stop the overflow as quickly
as possible. It’s a good idea to show all your family members how to shut these valves off and where they are located.
They should even know where the main water (whole house) shut off is.
Check to see that the seat is not loose.
There are similar rules for the kitchen
Small objects on the window sill or counter are bad for the disposal. The top three items we find jamming a disposal
are dimes, pop/beer can tabs, and broken glass. Keep the counter clear.
Run plenty of cold water when using the disposal and keep all grease and fat out of the drains.
Check the trap and drain connections under the sink.
A mop and pail somewhere near the kitchen is always good for quickly cleaning up those spills.

With more guests in your home, there is always more hot water used.  Check your water heater for leaks or other
potential problems.

The corroded adapter on the right could burst at any time and needs to be replaced.

Remember there will be some younger and some elderly guests. The water temperature should not be more than
120 degrees.

If you are going “over the river and through the woods…..”  for several days or longer, you may want to turn off the water.  When you turn off the water always turn off the power to the electric water heater, or turn the gas control valve down to the vacation setting.

Turn the large dial at the front all the way down to vacation or pilot and then turn off the main water supply.

The white handle is the main water shut off valve.

This is the worst case I have ever seen of a broken waterline, no heat,  and freezing temperatures.

If you are not comfortable with any of these tips, call your plumber and I’m sure they would love to help you.
For some great online help that includes videos, go to Tim Carters site

Don’t forget to save your plumber a piece of pumpkin pie.
Keep smiling and have a great holiday.

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  2. I am a Water Resourse Coordinator for a city in Arizona and am trying to get the word out about preventing frozen pipes. I really like the Ice Palace picture from your blog. Would you mind if I used the picture for our city website? I will reference your blog under the picture. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Annikki

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